You've likely heard my story before, or a version of it at least. I was burning the candle from both ends, grinding it out in a job that didn't quite light my heart on fire. I knew there was more to life than busting it for a glass ceiling. 

Fast forward to now and I get to help female entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses, working from home in my pajamas! 

Did I mention I did this in a matter of four weeks? And with no website, no social media, just a firey passion and determination to succeed!

NOW, I'm Teaching you to do the same!

It All Began With a Day Dream.

I'm Amanda
Rush Holmes

Hey There!

I'm a southern mama, agency owner, educator, and podcaster with some big-city type dreams.
You likely won't hear me say "y'all" but you can bet I bring the Southern hospitality when it comes to taking care of my clients. 

That the little girl who had her own babysitting business before she could even drive would grow up to be an entrepreneur. 

My superpower is helping women do exactly what I do. Take their strengths and skillset and turn that into a business that gives them more freedom than they ever thought possible. 


Straight talk, strong drinks, short emails, data, and cutting out the 'meh' to make room for the very best.

My Best Biz Advice

Tell me what you're jealous of and I'll tell you what you should be doing.


Chasing my sweet baby around, Blogging about my latest finds, Giving business advice over on IG, Making dinner with my husband and busting a move in my kitchen!

daily rituals

Iced Coffee, Evening Walks, Mama and B dance sessions, sneaking kisses from my husband, voice texting with THE BEST clients and serving up the best possible content for YOU!

I should have known...

Being a Virtual Assistant is more than helping someone manage their inbox. It's understanding your client, and their business completely. It's being able to anticipate their needs, hit deadlines, and create content that converts for their audience. It's becoming that person that is invaluable to them. So much that they RAVE about you to all their friends. 





coffee, duh!

Everything is Figuroutable

anything sweet



mumford + sons 

Friends... for the  100th time

My Favorite Things

A good read. Although I've shifted to audio books (mom life). I still love opening a new book and curling up with a hot coffee. 

my happy place!

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The Beach! It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen.

Blogging. I have so much fun being creative and sharing that inspiration with others!It was my love for blogging that lead me to my journey of building a successful online business.

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. I long for those perfect seventy degree days where the humidity stays at bay and the air is warm like a blanket. 

my guilty pleasure

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Rose. I mean it's pink wine that is by far the most delicious!

Traveling somewhere new and getting to experience new adventures with my sweet little family, even it's just an hour away from home!

This      That











night owl

no topsheet




Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / Disagree? 

“I don't know how I did life before Amanda, I am so thankful for her everyday”


so they say:

The hardest part of building your Virtual Assistant is landing your first client. I get the question all the time- "but how do I get clients?" I'm sharing the exact email template I use to land my first dream client!

How to land your first client as a new virtual assistant

Better than Coffee, whoa, did I just go there?

let's work together

Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant that gets what it takes to build a thriving business? Someone who can not only take things off your plate but move your business forward?

Trust me, it's an investment you'll be so thankful for everyday!

did we just become best friends?