How to Convert Dream Clients Into Paying Clients

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how to convert dream clients into paying clients


How to Convert Dream Clients Into Paying Clients

Not everyone is meant to be your client. And that’s OK. That’s why we have systems in place to vet those potential clients. Whether they’re vetted through a phone call, a form on your website or email back and forth, it’s important to understand that not everyone is meant to be your client. But for those that you are, I’m sharing how to convert dream clients into paying clients.

If you missed the Focused Fifteen series we launched in August, catch up on all four episodes HERE. This series is like a mini roadmap to business success that you won’t want to miss.

Two Things To Do Before a Connection Call

The first thing you need to do is to determine your niche. And you might be so over hearing that. But some things aren’t always going to fall within your wheelhouse. It’s important for you to be really good at a few things than to be just OK at a lot of things. You can’t attract your ideal client if you don’t know who you serve.

To get an idea of the types of virtual assistant services you could offer, read this post HERE.

The second thing you should do is to clearly define how you help your clients. For you to be able to do this, you have to understand your ideal client’s pain points. How do you do that? Market research. Go to Facebook groups and take polls. Email or direct message photographers on social media. To understand what your ideal client is needing, you need to understand their pain points.

Without these two things, you’re probably not going to have a whole lot of leads to begin with. So work on those two things first before you dive into the next few things I’m going to share.

Implement Sales Psychology

In order to convert ideal clients into paying clients, you have to use sales psychology. This is being hyper aware of how you setup your conversation. Generally your conversation with your ideal clients starts with a connection call. A connection call can take many forms, whether it’s an email, an actual phone call, a Zoom call etc.

When you’re using sales psychology, it’s not always selling your service. It’s about selling the result. So what will they get when they work with you? Maybe it’s to get their time back, to feel less stressed or work in areas of their business they want to work in.

Maintain a Professional Look and Environment

If you’re getting on a Zoom call or some other platform where the potential client can actually see you and the environment that you’re in, you want to make sure you maintain a professional appearance. I’m not saying you have to dig out a pant suit. However, it’s important to look professional and put together.

You also want to make sure the sound quality is good on your end, and the angle of your camera looks good. Finally, be sure whatever is in the background portrays a level of professionalism. Many people hire other people based on emotional connection. Will people want to put their trust in you to help them with their business?

Create a Connection with the Potential Client

When you first speak to a potential client, it’s vital to create a connection. Any time I speak to a client, whether it’s my first phone call with them or a simple touch base with an existing client, it’s an opportunity to connect. You learn their communication style, how they run their business, what content they like to produce and other important things to learn about them.

Personal connections are so important because they’re the first step to building trust. If you’ve ever heard of the like, know and trust factor, it’s similar to that.

Convert the Potential Client in Five Steps

You might be thinking, “OK, Amanda, how do I do this?” Well we start with the like. I keep a few topics in my back pocket to use as more of chitty chat topics when I have a call with a client or potential client, like the weather.

Then, anytime I have a call with a potential client or existing client, I make sure to look at their current content to bring up as a point of connection before getting on the call.

Next, that leads into chatting about their business, and converting them. I let the client do the majority of of the talking first. You’re going to take what they say, digest that and then mirror it back to them. This is also called active listening. As they speak, you can take notes and continue to make eye contact as well.

Then, once they’re finished talking and provide the reasons why they’re needing to hire a virtual assistant, it’s your turn. First you want to congratulate them and give praise to them for all they’ve accomplished so far in their business. You also should empathize and recognize their pain points.

And then finally, you provide a solution to their problem. Ideally you provide an action plan during that call. That way, the client knows exactly what their getting before they hang up with you, if they decide to hire you.

Listen to the whole episode where I dive deeper and provide examples of how that conversation can flow to convert your dream clients into paying clients.


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