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As we look ahead to 2022, I thought it would be fun to ask The Virtual Assistant Studio to share the team’s new year’s resolutions. What they are most looking forward to in the new year, what their goals are, and what they’re most proud of from 2021. It can be easy to think it’s just me running the show, but let me tell you, these women are the true leading force behind this small but mighty company of ours! Let’s take a look at what they said!

The Virtual Assistant Studio Team New Year’s Resolutions

AMANDA: Founder + CEO

New Years Resolutions

Something I’m proud of from 2021.

It’s hard to believe yet another year has come and gone. We had so many amazing milestones here at The Virtual Assistant Studio! In March, we launched our signature course, The Virtual Assistant Studio Course, which helps moms build a profitable virtual assistant business. I went from a one woman show to a team of four, including myself! We launched our podcast, The Bold Business Podcast, as a way to give back and connect more to our community. And I can’t forget to mention the truly remarkable clients we get to work with on the daily that we welcomed into The Studio! While we are SO very proud of all that we’ve accomplished these past twelve months, we are eagerly excited to see what the next twelve hold!

New Year’s Resolution for 2022.

We have some BIG plans here at The Virtual Assistant Studio to kick things up a notch this year. Our hopes as a business are to expand this amazing community of virtual assistants, triple our client roster, expand our team, launch a few physical products, welcome some new faces onto the podcast and in all sense of the word, scale! I personally will be welcoming a new little babe into the world, here in just a few short weeks, so I’m trying to keep in mind that this will likely all take time and not to rush the process.

ASHLEY: Account Manager

ashley New Years Resolutions

Something I’m proud of from 2021. 

I’m super proud of who I’ve become as a person. This past year has been a year of growth and change. I love that I’ve settled into who I am as a mom, as a professional and significant other!

New Year’s Resolution for 2022.

One thing I want to do is craft more! We spend so much time behind the computer that doing something creative with my hands, purely for fun lights me up. Maybe I’ll even start an Etsy store!

CARRIE-GRACE: Content Creation Specialist

CARRIE-GRACE New Year's Resolutions

Something I’m proud of from 2021. 

2021 was a year of change, growth, loss and really pushing me out of my comfort zone. I got married in January which was the best thing to come from this year! What I’m most proud of is the way I conquered all the change this year. I have always been more laid back (that’s on being my parent’s 5th child), but change has always still made me very anxious.

I really worked hard this year to make the best of every situation, to let things happen naturally and try to find the positives in every change coming my way. Whether it be changes with my body, relationships, where I live, or what I do, this year taught me that I am strong enough to get through them and come out better for it.
In addition to that I have also made the Chick-fil-A One Signature Status for the year. Talk about loyalty and dedication!

LAUREN: Copywriter + Podcast Manager

Lauren New Years Resolutions

Something I’m proud of from 2021. 

I’m proud to have finally found contentment with being a mother and having a career. This looks different for everyone. Some want to work full-time outside the home, some want to stay home full-time, and others want a mixture of both. That’s where I have always wanted to be. To have the ability to stay home with my kids, yet have a career too. I’ve been trying to find that balance for a long time. The Virtual Assistant Studio has given me that gift. And I’m forever grateful. 

New Year’s Resolution for 2022.

One thing I want to do in 2022 is travel somewhere with our two kids. I’m not sure exactly where, but would love to go somewhere we haven’t yet been to. I had the best memories traveling as a family with my parents and sister growing up. I want to give those same experiences to our two kids. 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Are you making any new year’s resolutions? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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