The Secret to Taking Your Business to the Next Level

APPLE PODCASTS | SPOTIFY | STITCHER Oftentimes, what’s getting in our way of taking our business to the next level is actually ourselves! So in this episode, we dive into the five ways of getting out of our own way. These tactics work together and create the secret to taking your business to the next […]

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2021 Year in Review and Looking Ahead

APPLE PODCAST | SPOTIFY | STITCHER I like to think of the New Year as a clean slate. It’s kinda like staring off a mountain into a sea of trees. You aren’t exactly sure what lies ahead. But that feeling of possibility is the perfect combination of scary and exciting and ignites a fire within […]

2021 Year in Review and Looking Ahead


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The hardest part of building your Virtual Assistant is landing your first client. I get the question all the time- "but how do I get clients?" I'm sharing the exact email template I use to land my first dream client!

How to land your first client as a new virtual assistant

Better than Coffee, whoa, did I just go there?