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When to Let Go of a Client & How to Notify Them

As an entrepreneur, you have the amazing opportunity to be your own boss, pick your own hours and build your business to be whatever you want it to be. However with those amazing opportunities, there are also some not-so-fun parts of the job that you may run into. For instance, you may find that a […]

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As a virtual assistant, your clients are the heartbeat of your business. Though it’s tempting to say yes to every single client when you first start out, you want to be selective. This will save you time, money and energy in the long run and set your business up for success from the beginning. Your […]

3 Signs a Potential Client Isn’t Right For You

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The hardest part of building your Virtual Assistant is landing your first client. I get the question all the time- "but how do I get clients?" I'm sharing the exact email template I use to land my first dream client!

How to land your first client as a new virtual assistant

Better than Coffee, whoa, did I just go there?