How to Become a Social Media Personal Assistant

Did you know there are over 1 billion Instagram users worldwide, according to eMarketer, 2020 and 444 million users on Pinterest, according to statista, 2021? Yes, that was billion with a “b” for Instagram. And with all those numbers, it’s no wonder having a social media presence is vital to promote a brand or business. […]

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How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant (VA) industry is as vast and wide as my love for Starbucks and Target. And well that’s pretty big! What I mean by that is that the opportunities are truly endless with regards to what services you offer and what industry you cater to. At the Virtual Assistant Studio, we’ve niched down […]

How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

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The hardest part of building your Virtual Assistant is landing your first client. I get the question all the time- "but how do I get clients?" I'm sharing the exact email template I use to land my first dream client!

How to land your first client as a new virtual assistant

Better than Coffee, whoa, did I just go there?