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This is a super exciting episode today because we are welcoming our first guest onto the show, Megan Ludwick. Megan is the CEO of Megan Ludwick Digital Media, and also a Virtual Assistant Studio student alumni. In her business as a content virtual assistant, Megan helps mindset coaches tap into the art of content repurposing. In the this episode, we also talk about what led Megan to start her own business (her WHY) and how she balances work and motherhood.

What Is Content Repurposing?

Megan started her virtual assistant business offering a variety of general virtual assistant services. However, she quickly realized her passion was more in the content and not in the admin tasks.

Content repurposing is a strategy that focuses on getting the maximum return on the content you create. So it’s taking already-created content and expanding that content’s reach to hit different audiences. You don’t want to have to create fresh, new content every time you hit publish on a certain platform. That can get exhausting and lead to burnout quickly.

This looks like taking a pillar piece of content like a YT video, long-form blog post or podcast episode and turning it into social media posts, a blog post, emails, etc. This strategy works because one audience member is most likely not going to listen to your podcast, watch your YouTube videos and read your blog posts. So you’re creating content for different audience members, so they can consume your content on their preferred channel/platform. Therefore, reaching more people.

Balancing Work with Mom Life

One of the biggest reasons Megan started her own business was because she wanted the opportunity to stay home with her two adorable little girls. As a virtual assistant, you don’t necessarily have to be online at specific times of the day. You just have to be able to meet deadlines for your clients. Sometimes that takes a little bit of strategy ahead of time.

Megan says she likes to keep work and being a mom separate throughout the day, so she can focus solely on each thing. That makes her a better mom and a better entrepreneur. And that typically means getting in work while her girls are napping or getting up early.

Normally, she starts her day at 4:45 am, and at her computer by 5am. She typically likes to batch content and work on one platform at a time. So that might be working on several emails in the morning, and then blog posts while the girls nap.

As a work-from-home mom, you have to figure out what schedule works best for you. Time management is important and having a game plan each day will help you become your most successful self as a mother and entrepreneur.

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Tools to Help You Stay Organized

Asana is where Megan’s business lives and breathes she says. As soon as she knows there’s a task that needs to get done, she puts that task into Asana. That way, she has that to-do list already written out and doesn’t have to make one herself.

There are a many different project management systems that you can use. And you just have to pick one that works well for you, and actually use it. A project management system allows you to get all those tasks out of your head and into an organized system that won’t let tasks fall through the cracks.

Advice to New or Thinking-About-Becoming Entrepreneurs

As an overthinker herself, Megan says DON’T OVERTHINK IT! Just figure out what services you can offer based on the skills that you have right now, and then go for it. You also shouldn’t be afraid to invest in your business and invest in yourself. When Megan looks back, she said she wasn’t afraid to make a financial commitment and get her business going. Knowing that she tends to overthink things, having a little skin in the game really propelled her forward to make her business work.

Things like investing in a coach or a course is going to save you a ton of time in the long run. Yes, you could look up information online about how to start a business or other specific things you need to know in order to start one, but you might run into conflicting information. And therefore, may stall the process even more.

To connect with Megan, check out her website and Instagram.

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