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The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Services List

What if I told you that you never have to step foot into an office again? You could trade in your work pants for yoga pants. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible in the virtual assistant (VA) industry. It’s booming with endless opportunities, and becoming more in demand than ever before. You may be wondering what a virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant is generally a self-employed contractor who assists a business with supportive tasks from a remote location. I’m breaking down the ultimate virtual assistant services based list and explaining what opportunities are available in this growing industry.

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And before you say, well I don’t know if I have a service I can offer a business. Trust me, you do!

The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Services List

The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Services List

Virtual assistants are important parts of a business, and they can help startup companies get off the ground. Because businesses that are just starting up typically have a neverending to-do list, virtual assistants are a great resource. VAs can help get task lists under control.

If you’re a business owner who has recurring tasks that need to be completed or other tasks that need specialized help, hiring a virtual assistant might be the answer. Virtual assistants can help companies scale their businesses and focus on core business activities.

Like most business professionals, each virtual assistant has their own specialties they focus on. Some might focus on graphic design for online businesses while others might focus on project management for podcasters. Your needs as a company determine what kind of virtual assistant you’ll need.

There are so many different services that virtual assistants can offer. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual assistant who wants to expand your list of services or a business owner who wants to know which tasks you can delegate, here’s a roundup of virtual assistant services.

Administrative Support

The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Services List

Administrative tasks are excellent examples of things that can be delegated to a virtual assistant. Typically, these are recurring tasks. Though they’re important to complete, they’re not necessarily going to help scale a business. That’s why it’s essential for business owners to know when to delegate certain things, so they can focus on big-picture projects.

A virtual assistant who provides administrative support can manage a business owner’s or other business team members’ calendars. If someone contacts a business owner asking for a meeting, the business owner can direct them to you to set it up. You can also act as a customer service representative for a business by answering phone calls, responding to emails, or organizing email inboxes. Simple data entry is another task to delegate, particularly in the medical field.

If you’re working specifically in social media marketing, some VA services you can offer are to schedule social posts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can also help with affiliate programs on platforms like LTK.

Another task that’s easily delegated to small business owners is bookkeeping. VAs can help organize, send out, and track invoices for the business.

Many businesses often have a task management system to keep their team organized. As an administrative assistant, you can oversee that system to make sure tasks are being completed on time, and they’re being marked as complete. Some management systems include ClickUp,, and Asana. 


The next type of VA business service you can offer is copywriting. There are a variety of different routes you can take with copywriting. Small business owners oftentimes need help with website copy. Newspapers, magazines, and digital marketers look for freelance copywriters to help them meet their continuous publishing deadlines. 

In the blogger and online creator space, some opportunities include ghost blog post writing, social post writing, and email funnels. Email management and marketing is a great tool to utilize to build a business. Whether it’s a welcome sequence or free opt-ins your audience can’t resist, copywriters can help take your business to the next level with this marketing strategy.

Ghostwriting is when you write a blog post for someone, and they post it under their name. Bloggers have a constant demand to push new content out, so outsourcing tasks like writing blog posts is helpful. Then they can focus on other important areas of their business, and create a good work-life balance for themselves.

Another task that’s in high demand for bloggers is pitching to brands on behalf of them.

Bloggers make a good majority of their income from brand partnerships. So, it’s important that they’re actively seeking out brands to partner with. However, this can be a time-consuming task and a great one to outsource to a VA. First, you have to create a list of brands that the blogger would be a good fit for, then you create a tailored email to pitch to that brand. Then, it usually requires follow-up. 

Podcasts also need copywriters to help with writing the descriptions for each of their episodes. And now, many podcasts transcribe every single episode into a Word document for their audience to have in case they can’t listen for whatever reason. Copywriters can listen to the podcast and transcribe the verbiage word for word, so the podcaster can post it to their website.

Graphic Design

Virtual Assistant Service Ideas

The Rembrandts and Picassos of the virtual assistant group, graphic designers assist with all aspects of design for a brand. Graphic design is an important part of a business, but something that not everyone is trained or good at.

That’s why business owners love to outsource anything to do with the subject. Every business needs a brand identity. Graphic designers are the perfect professionals to help with that task, like creating a logo, selecting colors for your brand, and what fonts are best to use for your brand. They can also help design landing pages or other aspects of web design for your business.

As a graphic designer, you might also be asked to create multiple graphics in programs like Canva. It could be anything from collages for a blog, an Instagram story design, or a Pinterest template for the business to reuse.

If you’ve never used Canva but are a great graphic designer, I’d highly suggest familiarizing yourself with that program. It makes creating brand identities, templates for a variety of social platforms, and many other things easy and efficient.


The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Services List

Editors make the pretty finished products come to life. VAs with editing skills usually focus on audio, copy, or video. Copy editors can help with editing your newsletters, blogs, website copy, and other important correspondences for your business.

Podcasting has become increasingly popular over the last several years. VAs can make an entire career from supporting just the podcast industry. Most podcasts will outsource the editing tasks, especially smaller podcasts because it can be time-consuming and requires certain skills.

Another niche that needs and hires editors frequently is YouTubers. Editing a YouTube video can take hours. If a YouTuber is creating multiple videos a week, they need help with this task because it takes up too much time.

Social Media Management 

The Ultimate Virtual Assistant Services List

Social media managers are needed in both small and large businesses. Many companies have shifted their marketing strategy to social media. As a social media manager, you can help with content creation ideas, organize content calendars, and schedule posts on a variety of platforms. A consistent presence on social media is important and having a dedicated person to keep the wheel moving is someone most businesses are investing in. 

As a social media manager, you also have the opportunity to do in-depth research on hashtags that convert. Utilizing the right hashtags can help businesses be discovered by their ideal customer. Having a well-researched hashtag strategy is vital to the success of a business account that’s looking to grow. 

Content creators, including bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters, also need social media managers for a variety of tasks. Some include responding to their direct messages and comments, engaging with other similar accounts, and posting to their social accounts. 

As content creators, it’s important to engage with followers.

But some creators get thousands of messages, and it’s physically impossible to respond to most of them. That’s why it’s nice to have someone else respond to simple questions that are easily answered by a social media manager.

Engaging with other similar accounts is also a good strategy for a content creator because it shows both support and helps with many social platforms’ algorithms. 

Are you convinced there are endless opportunities in the virtual assistant industry yet? Whether you know it or not, you have a skill that someone needs for their business.

The saying, “Jump before you’re ready,” is true to becoming a virtual assistant. You don’t have to have every single duck in a row to start. You just have to be willing to take that leap of faith, and have that burning desire to create the future YOU want. 

30+ Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer

  1. Scheduling social media posts
  2. Writing social media captions
  3. Hashtag research
  4. Blog post writing
  5. Podcast editing
  6. Brand pitching for social influencers
  7. Keyword research on Pinterest
  8. Pinterest management
  9. Affiliate linking
  10. Responding to customers
  11. Organizing inboxes
  12. Managing inboxes + calendars
  13. Fielding phone calls
  14. Creating workflows in systems like Honeybook or Dubsado
  15. Building landing pages
  16. Creating graphics (IG, Pinterest, etc)
  17. Building websites
  18. SEO website optimization
  19. Responding to DMs
  20. Social media engagement
  21. Creating Canva graphics
  22. Data entry (medical field)
  23. Podcast transcriber
  24. Building sales funnels
  25. Scheduling appointments
  26. Managing a task management system
  27. Audio editing
  28. Photo editing
  29. Blog post editing
  30. Video editing
  31. Bookkeeping
  32. Invoicing
  33. Community manager
  34. Managing Facebook groups
  35. Email marketing
  36. Content calendar creator
  37. Reels editor/creator
  38. Creating spreadsheets
  39. Transcription services
  40. Online research
  41. Technical support
  42. HR support
  43. Travel planning
  44. E-commerce support
  45. Project management

Phew! That’s a lot, right? With this extensive list, you can mix and match services to create a unique offering that makes your virtual assistant business stand out from the crowd. Dive into areas you’re passionate about, learn new skills on the go, and watch your business grow. The virtual world awaits, and it’s your oyster! So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next big move in the world of virtual assistance today!

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What’s the first service you’re excited to offer? Let us know in the comments below!

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